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You Need a Pre-Construction Services Agreement For Your Remodel or House Build

It's the “Roadmap” to Your Home Construction Project

The wooden framing of a custom house build

If you’re looking to build a house or do a major remodel of your home, you’re going to want a pre-construction services agreement. Big construction projects like these require lots of detailed planning, and a pre-construction services agreement will ensure you have a solid foundation for your project right from the start.

What is a pre-construction services agreement?

A pre-construction services agreement lets your general contractor or builder take a good look at exactly what your project is going to take. It helps you and your builder understand your needs and expectations and clearly define your project’s scope of work.

You’ll work with your builder (and other members of your team like your architect and designer) to determine the schedule, vision, cost, and contract for your project.

A designer sketches custom house layouts.

How is the pre-construction services agreement created?

Every builder who uses a pre-construction services agreement will have their own approach in this planning phase. At Ed Cuming Custom Homes our team will guide you through the following process step by step:

  1. Set a pre-construction schedule to keep the process on track.

  2. Collaborate to create a vision statement for your project.

  3. Provide a project bid sheet based on the initial plans and scope.

  4. Make interior and exterior selections for the details and building materials for your project.

  5. Review the final budget and scope based on the plans and selections.

  6. Finalize the construction contract, and then we can start building!

How long does it take to complete the agreement process?

Every project is unique and may require more or less time depending on how complex it is, but you can usually expect the agreement to be complete in 1 - 4 months.

Custom house blueprints

How much does it cost for the pre-construction services agreement?

Most builders charge a fee for the time and resources it takes to create an agreement, typically based on a percentage of the cost of the project. It pays off in the long run, because doing detailed planning early on sets you up for a successful project.

Why is it better than a free estimate?

Free estimates don’t take all of the complicated factors of your project into account. By nature, they aren’t as accurate or effective at correctly pricing your project, and can cause budget issues down the line. We believe it’s best to start with a thorough pre-construction services agreement to ensure your building experience is seamless and enjoyable and that your home construction project is a success.

Why we use a pre-construction services agreement at Ed Cuming Custom Homes

A pre-construction services agreement helps your vision come to life with high-end results and a project that goes smoothly. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality standards, keep your project on schedule, and hold to the budget. The agreement helps with cost management, heads off potential issues, and removes many of the unknowns before you begin.

A pre-construction services agreement helps you build rapport and get to know your builder and project team. Ed chooses only a few select projects each year—projects that he and his clients are passionate about. We see our clients as partners in the creative process of building beautiful custom homes and major remodels. The agreement process helps ensure that we’re a good fit to work together on your dream home project!

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